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Stuff-SL is responsible for three highly successful Second Life shopping groups. These are Menstuff, Womenstuff and Homestuff. While the original group, Menstuff, has been around considerably longer than it’s other counterparts, all three groups can boast a significant membership with both Menstuff and Womenstuff having in excess of 10,000 members.

Our groups have recently moved from free to paid membership. Residents much pay L$50 to join the groups. We find this has cut down significantly on spam and has also proven that our members are quite happy to pay for quality. As an advertiser with Stuff-SL it is exactly that kind of resident that you are looking to reach.

Should you decide to advertise on our website, please pay MENstuff Resident 2,000L for each month and each site you would like your ad to to appear and make sure to include your transaction information when completing the form below.

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