Happy Easter from Circa and shutter field

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Circa has a whole raft of new things out for the spring holidays, and I thought that if you were wondering what decor your home needs, I ought to share them!

egg birdhouse

Here’s the ‘”Cottonwood Grove” Bird House Stand – Spring (S.E.)’ from Circa: it comes with the field of white flowers around the base, as well as the pile of eggs.  The bunny rabbit and basket down in front are the ‘”Cottonwood Grove” Carrot Basket – Easter Ed.’ also available at Circa.  The oranges in the crate at the left are part of a group gift from shutter field, the ‘box of oranges’.

egg table

Shutter field did TWO boxes of fruit as group gifts; on the right in this picture is the ‘box of apples’.  There’s also the shutter field ‘rustic coffee stool’ group gift, pictured in the center, and then the ‘”Cottonwood Grove” Display Folding Table – Violet’from Circa.  (The Humpty Dumpty egg cup (the chair, up on the table) isn’t from one of the Homestuff designers, and is long out of production, but it seemed to need to be here).  Also, we have the egg candles that Cherelle’s whipped up- those needed a little bit of a close up.

egg candles

Cute, aren’t they?

Lastly, there’s the gorgeous ‘”Cottonwood Grove” Spring Trellis Decor – Easter Ed.’ that Circa also offers at their store: it comes complete with a butterfly lazily fluttering around above the planter box.

egg trellis

You can pick all of these items up at Circa’s shop, here – or at shutter field, here – and have your house all ready for Peter Cottontail to come hopping down the bunny trail.

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