MEGAstuff hunt goodies – homestuff edition!

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Akito has done such a bang-up job of showing us what the Womenstuff leg of the hunt had to offer, I felt like I ought to show you some of what’s available on the hunt as well!

I’d brought you a few of the items before (go back through a few entries to see these); but now, here’s a few more items from the front half of the Homestuff hunt.  All of these can be picked up for L$1 each (and some are free, as well!).

arbor chair

Dekute Dekore did this bench: there’s a number of poses for couples and for individuals in it.  The texturing is just great, too.

asymm chairs

This whole set’s your hunt gift from Potpourri Designs Furniture: Asymmetrical Chairs (left and right), Pink Flower Light, and Pink Tree in Silver Frame. Great for a ‘modern’ look, I thought…

leather pouffes

These two ottomans come from the hunt, along with the low table between them.  They’re from RnB and have a bunch of charming animations built in.

cookies couch

The Cookies n’ Cream Sofa comes from Lok’s Low Prim Furnishings; it comes with a good batch of poses too!

coffee sign

What goes better with cookies and cream than a nice cup of coffee?  The Coffeology sign is from PBM Mesh Decor, and as a devotee of the bean, I felt it needed a place of honor in my home.

And of course, there’s also the fun of setting up a scene with a whole lot of different items! Here’s my back patio:

back patio

All the goods you see here are from Homestuff vendors (including the skybox, from Barnesworth Anubis, though not a hunt item).  They are:
Wall Hanging: [Sheds n Shacks] Mesh Wall Sun
coffee table: Potomac Signature Homes ‘Side table with lanterns’
packing chest couch: .: Koastal :. Costa Verde Travelling Case
tea tray: kittycat’s creations’ ‘Cream Tea Trolley’

That isn’t everything in the first 30 items by a long shot!  There’s plenty of other great stuff there, too- I love the creativity of the Bauwerk Angelic chair, as an example. If you’re realizing you missed out on picking up some good stuff, you can find the hunt over here!

I’ll bring you some more items from the hunt tomorrow.  Happy hunting!!

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