Some Homestuff gifts from the ‘Stuff Lounge

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While you might not know about it, there’s a Lounge where the ‘Stuff designers (meaning: the Menstuff, Womenstuff, and Homestuff designers) have gifts out for the group members.  You slap on your group tag, you click on the boxes where the gift’s creators are named, and you leave with some lovely goodies for around the house!

There is some truly terrific stuff out already, and more to come: you should swing by and pick these up.

Homestuff goodies 1

This console table, orchid, lamp, statuettes and artwork are all a set that Ishtari Design has been kind enough to offer for you.  The thing that this first photo doesn’t quite capture is the level of crisp detail in the textures. Here’s a closer look:

homestuff goodies 1a

I really like these orchids a lot-  odds are high these will stick around for a while!  Next items we’ve got are these:
Homestuff goodies 2

The painting hanging to the right is from The Bitten Prim, the lamp on the right is from Domus, the chair is the Sedona Wing Chair by Galland Homes, and the clock on the left is the Kimpa Tammas Japanese clock.  Again: all are gifts from the Homestuff designers for you!

Homestuff goodies 3

The plant and chairs are the gift in this photo: Oddz~n~Endz put together the Winter Holiday Chair (hers) and (his) for you to set up in your home, along with the Winter Holiday Silver Tree.  The chairs each have 5 poses, and the tree sits around looking silvery and pretty. :)
homestuff goodies 4

The Kostal Living ‘.: Koastal :. Vintage Radio’ was also in that photo, but I thought it was a good idea to look a little closer.  This comes with a bunch of pre-set stations for your listening pleasure: just rezz it up and give it a click!

homestuff goodies 5

The starkly black-and-red bed is from eXplicite Designs, and is the ‘Homestuff CUDDLE BED’.  There’s four solo poses in it, and eight couple poses.

Now we go out onto the patio, for there’s a couple gifts that are meant for out there!

homestuff goodies 6

Follow Us did this lovely bench, which has a good batch of animations built in , and Aphrodite did the hot chocolate holidays tray that’s next to the bench.  There’s also a beach towel

homestuff goodies 7

from Rosengarten, which comes with several poses built in for your pleasure.  And finally, we come to the last:

homestuff goodies 8

The ‘Mesh Garden Bench – Emerald (5 anims)’ from RnB Designs.
Really some great stuff in the lounge: I cannot recommend visiting highly enough!  You can get to the ‘Stuff lounge by clicking here.  I hope this whets your appetite for the MEGAstuff hunt that’s coming up in March!

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  1. Alyssa Warden says:

    Thank you so much Nath :)

    A. Warden
    Ishtari Design Concepts inSL

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